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  1. C


    Hi guys, I am from malaysia and am looking to launch my own server, this forums will play a very handy role as I am able to access many paid plugins and will consider donatingg in the future if I am able to profit off my servers. I am 20 years old and currently doing my IB diploma, hoping to go...
  2. Turk_g

    Configuration [HQ] Spartan Anti-Cheat Configurations | Lag Accounting & Protection v3.0.3-LATEST BUILD

    *DISCLAIMER: THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT ADVERTISE TO FIX FALSE POSITIVES. READ THE FAQ SECTION FOR MORE DETAILS* Themes: Themes are a colorful and unique way of customizing Spartan for your server. Just choose a theme you like, drag it into your Spartan folder, and you're done! Requirements: -...
  3. Drummy

    Free LunerPrinter 1.1

    MCMarket Glitched and let me take this for free. LunarTech.io Printer Mode Fully Customizable sell prices & items Frequent updates No premium plugin dependencies Discord support No permissions needed Printer-Mode allows players to be able to print in their schematics without having to...
  4. Bet

    VIP Iris Anticheat | Advanced Cheat Detection | AntiVPN | 1.7-1.13 2.2.1

    Why Iris? Iris is an anticheat solution made by some of the most reputable, consistent, and helpful developers in the anticheat community. Here's what we have to say. Our different look on detecting cheats allows Iris to detect what previously has not been possible. Our guarantee for the best...
  5. Bet

    MINECRAFT BEST AUTHLOBBY SETUP ➮ One of the best servers available

    Bet submitted a new resource: BEST AUTHLOBBY SETUP ➮ One of the best servers available - One of the best logging servers that have been created Read more about this resource...
  6. Bet

    XENFORO Alert Improvements by Xon

    Bet submitted a new resource: Alert Improvements by Xon - A collection of improvements to the XenForo Alerts system. Read more about this resource...
  7. Bet

    VIP XenForo License Verification

    Bet submitted a new resource: XenForo License Verification - XenForo License Verification Read more about this resource...
  8. Bet

    VIP xF2 Add-On XenForo License Verification 3.2.0

    Compatible XF 2.x Versions: 2.1 This add-on allows you to verify the XenForo License validation token of your visitors either during registration or after. There are options to require a valid license to register (and this works even when registering via a connected account), as well as...
  9. Bet

    Nulled [-30% SALE] UHCReloaded | Ultra Hardcore Games [1.7/1.12] 3.2.9

    This plugin has been developed by @Upd4ting (https://upd4ting.net/) from the release date to 17/06/18 and by @Vouchs until 21/11/18 and is now maintained by @xeRicker WARNING THIS PLUGIN IS ONE GAME PER SERVER. MULTI ARENA IS NOT SUPPORTED YET. Please read all the description before...
  10. Bet


    Bet submitted a new resource: LEAK SKY WARS - Perfect copy of the plugin from a popular server who's name should not be using for obvious reasons! Read more about this resource...
  11. Bet

    CustomEnchantments [1.7-1.15]

    Bet submitted a new resource: CustomEnchantments [1.7-1.15] - Ever wanted a custom enchants plugin with combining Read more about this resource...
  12. Bet


    Bet submitted a new resource: EnchantsPlus - Over 35 vanilla-like enchants! Read more about this resource...
  13. Bet

    CustomGUI - 1.15 Updates!

    Bet submitted a new resource: CustomGUI - 1.15 Updates! - The most configurable chest menu plugin. Includes animated items, in-game creator & hotbar items Read more about this resource...
  14. Bet

    Source Code LeaderHeads Web Add-on 3.3.2

    The LeaderHeads Web Add-on is a website interface that allows you to show all-time, daily, weekly and monthly leaderboards and player stats from your server on your website. Features: Easy setup. You can link the plugin to your website in a matter of seconds. Configuration. You can change the...
  15. zidziyad


    zidziyad submitted a new resource: ULTIMATE XENFORO 2 THEME - PIE - XENFORO Read more about this resource...
  16. zidziyad

    xF2 Style ULTIMATE XENFORO 2 THEME - PIE 2020-01-22

    This resource does not include XenForo license / key, this resource is solely a theme modification, you are expected to already have XenForo website (v2.1.1+). - Theme is still in Alpha version and will be heavily updated as time goes. Logo / Any art from the pictures is not included. - You will...
  17. Bet

    VIP Cracking Tool AntiPublic Combo Checker [FAST & WORKING] 1.0

    This tool will check each combo line to see if it's ever been posted before. Not many combos will be 100% private (very, very, very rare) as combos are put together all the time to create an as private combo list as possible. This tool requires proxies. Feel free to use the ones at...
  18. Bet

    ANNOUNCEMENT Make MONEY While Using Your Browser

    Brave Browser, a relatively new browser that is a chromium-based (almost identical to chrome), proven to be faster than any browser. With pre-installed AdBlock, many privacy features, install any extension from the chrome extension store, this IS the future of browsing. Some features this...
  19. lugoxidose

    [SALE 50%] ThePit (Bungee and Shared)

    lugoxidose submitted a new resource: [SALE 50%] ThePit (Bungee and Shared) - MySQL, Perks, Stats, Non Permanent Items, Random Gold Read more about this resource...
  20. lugoxidose

    Nulled [SALE 50%] ThePit (Bungee and Shared) 0.5.6beta - API 2

    You're getting a nice plugin at a good price. You have to consider that this plugin is still in beta! If you don't have paypal, and you want to purchase this plugin, you can purchase it via Skrill / PaySafeCard Just contact me Compatible with: Spigot, PaperSpigot (CraftBukkit not tested, may...


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