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Website Updates

You can check this page for the website's changelog. Displaying updates and other news.

- 10/03/2020

  • Upgrade page is under construction until tomorrow.
  • We will have all new userbars as well as three types of upgrades. (Expect completely new userbars)
  • Reputation system (Beta) added. You can add reputation to a user's post by clicking the button next to 'Like'
  • Reputation level replaced Level system on profiles
  • Trophy system (NOT awards) disabled as it was pointless. Awards, reputation & likes are much for fulfilling and rewarding.

- 09/03/2020

  • New Cryptocurrency forum section introduced
  • Enabled username styles for VIPs (was intentionally meant to already be enabled). You can see this in account details
  • Introduced various new resource categories such as Cracking Sections, WHMCS, vBulletin, IPB/IPS etc
  • Made VIP categories for each type of resource in its own section to prevent cluttering as one section

- 29/02/2020

  • ALL Jar files downloaded from lastleak will have a watermark (cracked by lastleak etc) in console, in order to prevent releaking. If you would like this removed, you must be benefactor or above and request it.
  • We are accepting requests on what type of content you would like to see. More XenForo leaks? More guides? More Minecraft? More Software? Let us know!

- 28/02/2020

- 26/02/2020

  • Awards have been completed - Which are icons you can display on your profile and below your avatar in posts. Most of which are achieved by accomplishing something around LastLeak. This also determines your 'Level', which is displayed in similar places, and shows your progression via the award system.
  • Redone Trophies, which will increase your 'points' displayed in your messages and profile.
  • Redone the Credit System. You will earn credits for various activities on the forum. They will have a very huge part to play in the future of the community.
  • Contributor and other payment related upgrades are still obtainable via posting resources.


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Please allow up to a week for an email response. Kindly note that emailing your complaint to other parties such as our Service Providers will not expedite your request and they don't even have to respond to your request.