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X. TBA (Unreleased)
Red Ninja
Total awarded: 0
Silver Ninja
Total awarded: 0
IX. The Beginning
You're liked around here.
You received your first like on a post, congratulations!
Total awarded: 7
Gotten involved!
You've taken part of the action and made your first post!
Total awarded: 22
Establishing Yourself
You established yourself and made an introduction to the community. Welcome.
Total awarded: 8
I. Awards
You deserve the royal treatment for your honorable and loyal position here.
Total awarded: 1
LastLeak's Protector
You protect LastLeak at all costs.
Total awarded: 1
You must be current or a previous staff member to have this.
Total awarded: 2
You're known for your business. Good or bad.
Total awarded: 0
Truly Necessary
You're definitely needed around here. What would we do without you?
Total awarded: 0
You're extremely well-known around here.
Total awarded: 0
Make a great suggestion that gets implemented to receive this.
Total awarded: 2
Blending In.
Total awarded: 0
II. Account Upgrades
We thank you for becoming a VIP of LastLeak
Total awarded: 9
Only you, can really say you got money.
Total awarded: 2
One of the sought after ranks.. and it's now yours.
Total awarded: 3
You contribute the most towards the resources of LastLeak.
Total awarded: 0
Username Style
That's a terrific username style you have there!
Total awarded: 5
III. Donations
Every Bit Counts
Every single donation, big or small, counts, right?
Total awarded: 0
We truly appreciate your donation of a single sum of $10 to LastLeak.
Total awarded: 0
Donator III
Wow. You're special. You donated a single sum of $25 to LastLeak. We really, really thank you.
Total awarded: 0
You donated a single sum of $50 in Bitcoin. You are one of a kind.
Total awarded: 0
We thank you for helping out LastLeak this much. Donating $100 in a single sum donation towards LastLeak. <3
Total awarded: 0
Wow. No one will ever top you! Donated $250 in a single sum towards LastLeak. We appreciate your donation more than you know.
Total awarded: 0
IV. Activity
Leaker in Training
You're starting out with Leaking! 5 Leaks, keep it up!
Total awarded: 4
Your content is loved around here. 100 likes in order to earn this!
Total awarded: 1
You're starting to have a voice around here. You've posted 35 resources in order to get that voice.
Total awarded: 1
Top Banana
You've very well known as a high quality leaker. Keep up the great work!
Total awarded: 0
Legendary Leaker
You've finally hit 100 Leaks and can safely be classified as a Legend.
Total awarded: 1
Liked? Loved? Hated? Suspicious? Nobody Knows.
Total awarded: 1
On Fire
You're one of LastLeak's most active user's currently. Stay active in order to keep that title!
Total awarded: 1


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